Here at Imagine Digital Marketing, we know the importance of a Podcast in today’s ever-changing online world. That is why we have partnered with Kelitch to transform your podcast into an unforgettable auditory experience and stand out from the crowd. 

Imagine a world where your audience is captivated from the very first note – that’s the power of personalized, 6-15 second music crafted exclusively for your podcast by our talented collaborator, Kelitch.

Here’s how it works: share your vision with us through a brief, and we’ll craft samples that match your vibe.

Your satisfaction is our priority, so we offer unlimited edits until you’re thrilled with the result.

Plus, rest easy knowing that your unique intro/outro, created in partnership with Kelitch, comes with a 100% royalty-free guarantee.

Let Imagine Digital Marketing and Kelitch be the harmony to your podcast success. Experience the difference today!


Introducing Our Music Producer


Meet Kelitch, a musical prodigy who discovered their passion at an early age, starting with a diverse array of instruments. From playing anything that crossed their path to jamming in a band during their formative years, Kelitch cultivated a deep appreciation for various musical genres.

The journey took a turn towards music production, initially a hobby that has now become a thriving career. Specializing in EDM, Techno, Trance, and Hip-hop, Kelitch’s productions showcase a versatile and boundary-defying approach.

For Kelitch, music is more than a career—it’s a life force. With a firm belief that there’s a perfect song or melody for every situation and emotion, they bring this philosophy to life in every composition. Through a dedication to their craft, Kelitch aims to create music that goes beyond notes, offering a direct and impactful expression of the human experience. Their goal is simple: to craft sonic landscapes that resonate and captivate, making a lasting impression on listeners.

Why Do You Need A Catchy Intro and Outro for your podcast?

Brand Identity

Custom podcast intro and outro music allow business owners to establish a unique sonic brand identity. Tailored music creates a memorable and recognizable auditory experience that reinforces the brand's personality, making it stand out in the crowded podcast landscape.

Audience Engagement

Custom music has the power to capture and maintain the attention of the audience. Engaging intros create anticipation, while thoughtfully crafted outros leave a strong, positive impression. This heightened engagement can translate into increased listener retention and a more loyal audience base.


A custom podcast intro and outro convey a sense of professionalism and commitment to quality. It sets a polished tone for each episode, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and enhancing the overall credibility of the business. 


Content Consistency

Consistency is key in branding. Custom podcast music ensures a consistent and cohesive theme throughout episodes, tying the content together seamlessly. This uniformity reinforces the brand's messaging, making it easier for listeners to associate the content with the business and fostering a sense of reliability.

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The Process Is Simple

Make Contact With The Team

Don't be scared, we are not going to bite! Get in touch with the team today!

Idea's and Content Brief

You will be asked to complete a content brief, where we will ask you to tell us what you are looking for and to provide us with some examples.

Music Goes Into Production

Once we have a clear picture of your ideas, Kelitch will go away and work his magic! You will be sent different versions of the song to see which one you like the vibe of.

Revisions and Updates

If you require some changes to the music, Kelitch will revise it and make the necessary changes.

The Music Is Yours Forever

Once you have approved the music and are 100% happy with it we will send you a WAV or MP3 file. The music is yours to keep forever with no strings attached, all we ask is for a positive review.

Ready To Take Your Podcast To The Next Level?

Custom Into/Outro Music


- A 100% custom piece of music

- Realistic MIDI Instruments or Real Instruments if Needed

- Full commercial rights

- MP3 or Wave file 

- Background Music

- Mixing & Mastering

- 6-15 Sec in Length

- Tweaks/ Revisions until you are 100% happy

- Time Frame - Please allow 3 days

What Our Client's Are Saying.....

Kelitch Review
Still Have Questions??

Find The Answers Here

YES! 100% Once the music is produced and approved it is yours forever, no strings, no ongoing fees...Do what you want with it.

We revise it! Our team will revise the music until you are 100% happy with the end product. If you cant come to a place of satisfaction we will refund you!

Our fee is for a 6-15 second royalty free music file. Intro's and Outros should be short, sweet and to the point to grab your audience from the start.

Our music producer specializes in a wide range of genres, including but not limited to EDM, Techno, Trance, and Hip-hop. Whether you're aiming for a high-energy introduction or a more laid-back outro, we can tailor the music to suit the specific vibe and atmosphere you envision for your podcast.

The collaboration process is straightforward. Once you express your vision and preferences, we'll work closely with you to understand the tone, style, and mood you want for your podcast. Our music producer, Kelitch, will then craft samples based on your input. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback and request revisions until we achieve the perfect custom instrumental intro and outro for your podcast.

Yes, the custom music produced for your podcast intros and outros is 100% royalty-free. Once the collaboration is complete, you have the rights to use the music without any additional licensing fees. This ensures that you have full ownership and flexibility to use the custom music across various platforms without worrying about additional costs or legal implications.

Common mistakes include neglecting audience engagement, inconsistent posting, not tailoring content to each platform, and ignoring negative comments or feedback. We will help you avoid these pitfalls..

All music tracks are provided as WAV 48000 kHz, 24 Bit and high-quality Mp3. But if you need other specifications, you just have to tell me and I'll send it to you that way.

You can use the music worldwide, where ever you need.